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Was the Reference Desk as helpful as possible?

Apologies if this comment is unrelated. Had an inexplicable incident with the Reference Desk this Saturday, 7/22/2012 ~11AM. Requested assistance from one of the Reference Librarians regarding a "Script Error" message I obtained on TWO of the CPL Web computers - which caused the computers to stop or slow down to the point of being unresponsive. The librarian told me (in essence) it was not of their/your responsibility. She told me that the computer was going to continue to be unresponsive.

When the creative writing class let out (about 11:30AM) I was able to log on to Lab 06 terminal. I tried to re-create the "Script Error" message I obtained on the two Web computers using the same computer program. I was unable to create the error and the Lab 06 terminal appears to be running normally.

Sorry to report this, but why was there bit of confusion involved with the Reference librarian? I do not think I was the cause nor at fault.

Thank you for time and kind consideration.



Sat, 2012-07-21 11:07

Sorry about that. It's tough to answer the specifics of the technical problem without further details, but it seems that the most likely reason that a program at Web Express computers generated an error that did not appear on Internet Lab computers is the difference in operating systems - the Internet Lab is on a newer operating system than Web Express. As we continue to upgrade our computers over the next several years, this will equalize and the Web Express computers will match the Internet Lab computers.

It sounds like my librarian was correct when she explained to you that the Web Express computers would continue to give you this error message; I am sorry to hear that her explanation wasn't satisfactory to you, and I'll have my IT staff follow up and make sure that there is not some other pervasive issue that we need to address with the computer configuration at the Web Express computers.