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Shelving in the Adult Fiction Section

I am a HUGE fan of this library. In fact one of the swaying factors in my decision to move back to canton was because of how amazing I think the library is. That being said, I think that the adult section could maybe use a bit of reorganization. It seems that there are only four real genres that the books are sectioned into: Science Fiction, Mystery, Romance, and General Fiction. What about Fantasy, Steampunk, Chick-Lit, Literary Fiction, -and the ever increasing- Paranormal genres? It might be a little easier to find something that I'm interested in if there was a bit more diversity in the genre labeling. For example, I never know where to look for a book if its a mystery series that has romance in it.

I get really confused sometimes because a lot of series/authors bridge multiple gaps in genres, and one of their series might be in the mystery section and another might be in the science fiction even though they deal with similar subjects.

Just thought I'd drop a little note! Other than that I really love the library! The people, the selection, everything is great!



Thu, 2012-07-05 10:54

Thank you for your kind words and commenting on the Fiction area. It sounds like you are an avid genre-fiction reader. Your question highlights the difficulty with assigning labels to the wide variety of fiction today. Book spines could literally be filled with genre stickers and that would make the spines unreadable. CPL has made the choice to rely more on our catalog and online tools to assist in browsing the Fiction collection. If you are unsure where to start, I would recommend starting with the catalog. We also provide the option of subscribing to RSS feeds for a variety of genre fiction on the "Books and More" page. The Librarians at the Help Desk are also available for assistance. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your comments. We value your feedback.