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I would like to suggest that the Canton "Connection" have a Printer Friendly tab on the front. That way, we can print out a page or an event should we want to. I personally would like to be able to print the front page. When I tried to do so, only a small portion came out on print. Or am I missing the "printer friend" tab?


Wed, 2012-06-27 11:07

Thanks for your comment about the newsletter. You should be able to print the entire newsletter by taking the following steps.
1. In your email program, double click on the email containing the enewsletter so that you see the newsletter as an email, not in a separate browser window.
2. Using your email menu bar, select print. It should show a preview of all pages and allow you to print the entire newsletter.

If you open the email in a separate browser window, you will not be able to print the entire thing. You must print out the email containing the newsletter. If you have any questions about this process, please call and we'll walk you through it. We have suggested to our enewsletter vendor that they add a print tab.

Laurie Golden
Marketing & Communications Manager
734-397-0999 x1078