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Hi, i was a member of the Westland library for years, and while I understand that not every library is the same the Canton library offers far fewer programs for children. Even after 2 years my daughters still beg to go to the Westland for Sidewalk chalk, craft days, guessing jar, weekly prizes, friendly staff who remembered our names, consistent story times. My daughters love story time, but at Canton, there are so many breaks and excuses for breaks we can't keep up. There is no incentive to go to the library with the connect program. It really feels like the librarians do not truly want children there which is a feeling many in my neighborhood have expressed as well. Maybe if some of the librarians that have children were able to make more decisions, things might be able to change. Here's to hoping one day my daughters actually like our library.


Sun, 2012-06-24 15:59

Thank you for your candid comments. I am sorry to hear that my staff, programs, collections, and facility are a disappointment to you and your family. All libraries have different personalities, and knowing several of the fine staff at the William P. Faust Public Library of Westland, I am glad to hear that you find their library to better suit you, and I am sure that they will appreciate your compliments.

I will let my Children's, Tween & Teen Program Specialist address your specific concerns about our programs. Overall, we do our best, and I am proud of the increased frequency and variety of programs we've offered in the last several years despite staff and budget cuts. In our Children's, Tween & Teen department specifically, many of the librarians have bachelor's degrees, advanced degrees, and certifications in early childhood development, literacy, and education. I myself started my career as a Youth librarian. I appreciate your constructive criticism, but find some of your comments about me and my staff to be personally hurtful as well as incorrect. I appreciate your suggestions for additional programs that we might offer, and thank you for taking the time to contact us.


Eva Davis, Director

Mon, 2012-06-25 16:24

As the Program Specialist is upsetting to hear that you cannot find the programming you desire for your children as I know that mine and the librarians' time is spent using the resources we have to create as much high quality programming as possible. It is often about quality.
As a librarian AND a mother it is extra distressing that you find the offerings here so disappointing. I am aware of offerings around the state and CPL's program is vibrant and exciting and really all about putting the reading power in YOUR hands. We have books, programming, activities and other fun stuff to do. It is up to you to work with your kids to create a wonderful summer experience.
I invite you to subscribe to our online newsletter by clicking on the "Newsletter" tab below. Our CYS edition comes out tomorrow. We've tried to provide programming during all times of the day for all age groups. I will take your suggestions into account for future programming. And I agree with you, I hope your daughters actually like the library, as well.
Nichole Welz
Program Specialist
Children's Tween and Teen Department