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New Arrivals List - Fiction

I really like being able to check out the new arrivals on the website. However, since I usually go to the main Fiction link (since I am usually not looking for a specific genre, just browing), the default number of results appears to be set (limited to) 10,000 records. This makes for a very (VERY!) slow database query and it takes a very long time for the results to be returned, making this section difficult to use. It would be great if the default number of results could be limited to a smaller number (500? 1,000?) to speed everything up. I don't know how the database is set up, but it might also be worth looking into the actual query to see if there is a more efficient way to pull those results. Thanks for everything you do -- we love CPL!


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2012-06-25 10:52

Thank you for contacting us regarding the new arrivals lists.

The parameters for search queries in our catalog are set by our catalog vendor and are difficult to change. In most circumstances, searches are fairly quick and render without hesitation. For other searches, like finding all fiction and sorting it by newest first, it takes the database quite a while.

Further limiting the number of results unfortunately wouldn't speed up the query. The database would still have to find all records with the call number starting with "FICTION," then sort the results in descending date order before limiting the result set. If those fields aren't indexed, which I suspect they are, adding an index for them would speed up the query. Otherwise, there isn't anything I can think of to speed up finding new fiction (or TV series or a few other call number searches).

Thanks again for writing us and for the kind words about CPL! We will continue to look into ways to speed up new arrivals searches and find great new things to read.