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Logging in to patron account

I am annoyed that I have to go through a named account login page before I can get to a library-card-number (patron) login. How about a patron login link on your site's home page?


Brad Czerniak
Tue, 2012-01-10 12:44

Thank you for writing us regarding your account and patron record.

The reasoning behind the second layer of links to get to the Patron-record-only sign-in page is that it emphasizes the username sign-in method. Since the "My Account" page would be confusing with a third form, a link is the only good option.

If you sign in with your username (and you have your name and barcode entered correctly), you get one-click access to your patron record. On your own computer, sign-ins to your account persist longer than your patron record, so over time it's faster that way.

The CPL website design and functionality is constantly iterating, so moving the patron record link will be a consideration the next time we update.

Thanks again and have a great day!