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Saving documents

It needs to be posted by all computers that in order to save you need a jump/thumb drive. I came once with a floppy disk and once with a cdrw disk. Both on SAME DAY! I should have been told that saving can only be done on a jump drive. Then I was told "you can buy a drive for $20." Thanks but no thanks! I'll use that to buy gas that I WASTED coming back!


Fri, 2011-10-28 09:59

I apologize for your frustration in trying to save documents at the library. I gather from your note that you must have been using a computer in our Internet Lab; our recent upgrade to new computers in the Internet Lab did create a change--new computers don't come with floppy drives, only USB ports for flash/thumb drives. Our older computers in other areas of the library have (until we upgrade those machines) both floppy drives and USB ports, and my staff should have directed you to one of those computers to use your floppy disk. I will have the manager follow up with staff to ensure that they are giving patrons the correct information. We do list on our website the features available on the various computers in the library, for both the public and my staff to refer to when patrons come in or call with questions such as yours. We have updated the list to reflect the computer upgrades in the Internet Lab.

None of our computers have writable/rewriteable drives for CDs or DVDs; they are read-only. We make a conscious effort to keep the fronts of the computers visible and accessible to patrons to view and use; one of the reasons we don't have the signs you suggest is because we can look at the front of the machine and see at a glance whether there is a floppy drive, USB port, etc. Given your recent visit, however, we'll monitor that and see if we need to make some more changes.

I apologize again for the misleading information we provided you about using your floppy disk at the library. I appreciate you bringing this error to my attention so that I can follow up with my staff and make sure that it doesn't happen again.


Eva Davis, Director