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Easy Chapter Books

I am looking for suggestions of EARLY CHAPTER BOOKS for my son. He likes the Dinosaur Cove series you have, for example. (I purchased them myself as well!) Any other EASY series you can suggest? Thanks!


Thu, 2011-10-13 08:36

Hi Edie,

I have some suggestions for other easy series your son might enjoy:

Puppy Place by Ellen Miles (shelved under J FICTION MILES)

Magic Tree House (shelved under J FICTION OSBORNE)

A to Z Mysteries (shelved under J SERIES A)

Adventures of the Bailey School Kids (shelved under J SERIES B)

All of these easy chapter books are comparable in length to the Dinosaur Cove series and are popular among other young patrons.

I hope your son will find some of these suggestions enjoyable. Thank you for contacting us!