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Teacher looking for a similar book

I am a first grade teacher and I am starting my maps unit. I was looking for Mouse Views: What the Class Pet Say by Bruce McMillan. I could not find it through the online catalog and I was wondering if you have something similar to this book. The book is about the class pet mouse's perspective of the class room and the children are to identify the objects from this point of view. Thank you!


Mon, 2011-10-10 14:05

Hi there Ms. Kosik!
There are a couple of options available to you. We do have a similar title by Tana Hoban called "Look up, Look down." I think the concept is similar to what you are looking for, although this one would be a wordless book. Also, there are many libraries who own this book and you could have it sent here, if Canton is your home library, through Some of the libraries in the area that own Mouse Views: What the Class Pet Saw include the William Faust Public Library (Westland), Wayne Public Library, and Novi Public Library, to name a few.

Good luck!