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"Ugly" background (Letter "C" and cross-bones)

I'm seeing an ugly background and can't believe that this is an intentional "improvement"... so wonder if the website has been hacked. The background I see is now light-gray, with a large white "C" overlaying 2 bones in a cross. If it was an intentional change, then consider this email as negative feedback. I much prefer the simple white background.


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2011-09-19 11:02

Thank you for contacting us about the website.

The color scheme and graphics are a single-day special feature to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a silly 'holiday' we at CPL have celebrated for many years running. The site will be back to normal later this evening.

Thank you again for contacting us, and sorry for any difficulty the site colors caused.

Mon, 2011-09-19 15:26

Arr, then this be OK by me!