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Senior Citizens Programs-Events

I have parents in their 80's, and I would like to know if the library has any programs/events for senior citizens. Also, would they be able to attend since they are in the Farmington Library district (Canton library has no stairs and this would allow them ease of use of a library) Thank you for your assistance.


Tue, 2011-08-23 12:31

Thank you for your question! Our September/October Connections newsletter just came out, and in it you'll find our programs for all ages, including seniors. You may also browse our Program Calendar for listings by month, which you can narrow by age range, and registration information. Most programs are drop-in; for programs requiring registration, your parents' Farmington Community Library cards will need to be entered into our system before they can register for programs. At that time, they can also provide us with their email address (or yours) so that we may send you our e-newsletter, which will be launching later this year and will replace the printed newsletter.

Thank you for contacting us!

Eva Davis, Director