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summer reading program

I am doing the summer reading program with my 7 grandchildren who live around the USA. I am not very computer savey but did register as a group. I am not sure how I report on how we did our reading or "projects". I did notice that there are a few other badges on the badge page that there are no listed experiences for; connect, lab rat, & volunteer, I did understand the registration one. Please help an old lady out! Thanks,


Thu, 2011-07-21 13:44

How wonderful! I believe that you are our first cross-country participant.

To get your badges, sign in, find which badge you'd like to receive, then click the claim button next to the badge. You'll be taken to a page where you can share what you did to earn the badge. If you choose to share, you'll receive a badge with a star. If you'd rather not share, you will get the badge, but without the star. Your badges will appear in the right-hand column of your account page or the Connect Your Summer home page.

You can earn the Lab Rat badge by filling out the Connect Your Summer survey, linked here and at the bottom of the Connect Your Summer page. The survey gives us information about who is participating and how; which we can use to tweak the program in the future. The Volunteer badge is given to people who choose to help us at the library with Connect Your Summer programs — you must fill out a volunteer application and meet with our volunteer coordinator who will match you with one of our needs. The Connect Badge is currently not available.

We sincerely hope you are having fun doing this as a group — and what a group! Seven grandchildren — aren't you fortunate! Good luck.