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Manga (anime)

A long time ago I checked out this manga series called Wild Act! and to be honest it was very good. The library got rid of it but it was very good and I think that you should think about getting it again. I very much enjoyed reading this series and it is one of my favorite Mangas. Thank you.


Brad B.
Mon, 2011-07-18 16:25

Thank you for your suggestion. A while back we withdrew our copies of Wild Act! due to low circulation, but I know there are still some faithful followers of it out there! Currently, the series is out of print and copies are extremely difficult (or expensive) to come by. There are some other libraries that still have it in their collection, however, and if you would like, we could help you inter-library loan it to come to the Canton Public Library (or your home library if it is different)through MEL. Just let us know.