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The Connect Your Summer asked for feedback!

Hi, my name is Meghan. I'm a 17 year old senior at the PCEP. I love reading more than anything else and libraries are one of my favorite places to be. I appreciate the connect your summer program becuase it's brigning together the community and showing kids,teens, and adults that's there's more to the surrounding areas then what any of us know. However I am reaaly saddened that this has taken place of the summer reading programs. I understand that my perspective is not that of an average teen only because know how much work goes in to summer reading (I was on CPL TAB and am still on PDL TAB). I kid you not when I say I look forward to summer reading all year round. Granted I'm just one voice and I'm sure a lot of my peers dont share my enthusisasm but I think some do! I miss book clubs, teen advisery board, and now the summer book logs you turn in for prizes. I get that this is a new era of computers and less hand written logs but now I see no reason to really go in to the libraires other than to grab a book. The economy must be a factor as well but I just wanted to let whoever reads this know there are deffinetly still people under the age of 18 and over the age of 10 that enjoy doing summer activites. Whew, I'm sorry to go on and on but I've kept that in for awhile haha.
Ps.I will 100% keep supporting the library in whatever it does.


Tue, 2011-06-21 08:02

Thank you for your feedback, and for your support of the library. I am happy to hear that you love to read. This year the library has been focusing on offering not only age specific programs, but also a variety of all age programs. I hope that you are able to attend some of these programs this summer. A list of our programs can be found in the current edition of Connections, as well as on the program calendar, on the website.
Our new summer program, "Connect Your Summer," is designed to encourage reading, as well as experiencing other areas of the community. Through the online system patrons earn virtual badges, but if you'd like to have something tangible to fill in as you complete each badge, you can use the coloring book option at the bottom of the "Connect Your Summer" website. You can print this off color each badge as you complete it. Have a great summer.