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Borrowing History

Is there somewhere you can view what you've borrowed before? Like a history of what you've borrowed from the library.


Brad Czerniak
Fri, 2011-06-10 15:10

Thank you for writing us regarding your reading history.

If you log in to your Patron Record, one of the buttons has a clock icon with a blue arrow and the label says "Item History."

From the Item History page, you can opt in to begin logging the items that you read.

This feature does not keep track of any items until you opt in. This is to protect your privacy and give you the option of whether or not we store your sensitive personal data. These records are only available to you, when you log in to your patron record.

Since it only keeps track of items after you opt in, your previous history may not be available unless you opted in previously. If you do choose to opt in now, it will show everything from now on.

Thanks again for writing us today.