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Suggestion: add 'Books only' as a search filter

In many cases, I'd like to limit my search results to just books, rather than have Audio or other media forms mixed into the list. Just a thought.


Brad Czerniak
Thu, 2011-05-19 13:27

Thank you for contacting us with your suggestion of a "books only" feature.

Such a feature certainly has useful possibilities, especially since there are scopes (the dropdown menu after 'in' on the Catalog main page set to "Entire Collection" by default) for audiobooks, eBooks, music, DVDs, and large print.

In the catalog, at present, if you want to find just the books for a particular search, there are a few ways to cheat to find them easily. The first is the sort drop-down menu that appears after you perform a search. By default this is set to "System Sorted," which is a mode that will show helpful groupings when appropriate, or list books in the usual way in most circumstances. But the menu also contains the ability to sort by:

  • Shelf Location — which orders the result by call number. All of the books won't necessarily be in one place, but they're grouped by how they appear on our various shelves
  • Material Type — which brings all of the books to the top

Thank you again for contacting us. Your suggestion will be considered for future iterations of our website design.