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Gate Needed For Baby Nook - Also Additional Signage

Today we had a mom with two kids have one dash off. She had to leave her four-year-old unattended to run after her toddler. We brainstormed together the idea of putting up some kind of baby gate or barrier to help keep little ones in the baby nook. It would have the added benefit of discouraging the big kids from using that space. In addition, if you put "For 18 Months and Younger" in bigger letters on the wall facing the small sign, more people might see it. Not too many people take time to read the smaller print. I think this could all be accomplished at relatively little cost, but with great benefit. Thanks for considering our ideas.


Wed, 2011-05-04 07:57

Thank you for your suggestion. We are continually trying to make our early literacy areas patron friendly, so your input is very helpful. We will take your suggestion under consideration.