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Rating material, books, audiobooks etc.

Hello, I noticed when I renewed some items online that there was a portion of each listing with some stars that would indicate a rating of some type. I would assume but perhaps incorrectly that the rating portion would be ratings from material users. None of the stars in any of the audiobooks I was renwing had highlighted stars. I humorously
thought my choices might be so bad that they merited no rating at all but seriously thought that perhaps people did not rate the materials very often. My questions are this: are the ratings indeed user ratings and if so how does one go about submitting a rating? I can think of some materials that I would rate poorly and some that I would highly recommend. I looked around the website so I wouldn't bother you but found no leads on submitting ratings comments. Thank you for considering my questions. I'll watch for your answers.


Brad Czerniak
Tue, 2011-03-08 19:18

Thank you for contacting us regarding the star rating functionality in our catalog.

The stars do in fact indicate ratings made by Canton patrons. As might be expected, more popular titles are more likely to have ratings than less-popular works. We don't have exact numbers on how many works have ratings, but we do have over 270,000 unique titles — so ratings may be few and far between when searching the catalog.

To rate something in the catalog, you must be signed in to your patron record. Simply go to or use the My Account functionality to speed up the process.

Once signed in, just click which star out of five that you deem appropriate for the given work. This will save the rating and average into others' ratings of the work.

If you're looking at a bibliographic record, the stars will display an average of everybody's ratings, while any lists in your patron record will reflect the ratings you've personally assigned.

Thanks again for contacting us! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.