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Do you know where I could find out what year the Julien's Party Store was closed? It was on Canton Center and Ford for 54 years.


Mon, 2011-02-07 12:36

The store was demolished in 2001 and was sold and unoccupied at least a year before this. Canton Historical Society was able to confirm this, but has contacted the original owner with your question and he will hopefully get back to me so that I can let you know a more exact date soon.

Thank you for asking Ask CPL!

Mon, 2011-02-07 15:24

Here is the more definitive specific answer from the son of the previous owner:

The store was closed April 27,1997, Dad bought it in mid 1943 for $8500 including inventory.
It was basically a Sinclair gas station and coffee shop with a few groceries. We lived
in the back for a short period, it really was not livable. I was told that the building sat on the
property where Ford rd. ended at Canton Center and was moved in the 20's to run Ford rd.west.
The building was cut in half ( I was told?) and the other half went on the north side of the new
road Where Charles McMahon lived and operated an antique repair shop for several years.
Our half had 2 additions on it, it took a lot of maintenance over the years to keep it standing,
especially after the ditch overflowed almost every year and water flooded the corner and into
the building. I had to rebuild the north,east and west walls to keep the place from falling down,
there was NO footing under the building.

Thank you for your interest!