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Labels on Manga.

On the back of pretty much ALL Manga are age ratings. I would prefer you use those for a few reasons. One about my younger sister. She likes reading "Tokyo Mew Mew" and "Kamichama Karin" which are both part of some of her favorite series. Tokyo Mew Mew is rated AGE 7&UP and Kamichama Karin is AGE 10 & UP. Yet, it is in the teen room. She tells me that she feels inferior and short to the people in the Teen Room and she is embarrassing me every time she says, "Oh, YES!! They have the ENTIRE series!" Or "FINALLY! Book (Insert a random number) is HERE!!!" And also, she isn't allowed to go into the teen room. She gets in trouble for checking out Manga, because she claims that Librarians stop her and say that she cannot go into that room. I cannot and DO NOT want to carry 10 manga novels and my books out of that room every single week. So please, put books for kids 10 and under in the TWEEN please.


Brad B.
Mon, 2011-01-24 20:58

Thank you for your comment.
Because of the closeness in age, we have a lot of cross over material in the teen area that can be enjoy by tweens, and -vice versa- material in the tween area that can be enjoyed by teens too.
No librarian should stop anyone from entering the teen room to get materials. Our only restriction is that you must be 13 and up to use the computers in there, but otherwise, anyone is allowed to go into the room to browse for books, etc.
That being said, we are looking at what materials could be moved from the teen area to the tween area (for space reasons too), so thank you for your recommendation.