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Request for referrals

Hello! I have a 7-year-old son and would like to find an age appropriate book about "the body." I found books about specific body parts and preschool books about the body but am wondering if there is something in between to educate him on the body (or even how boys are different than girls). A realistic fiction book would be great, or a nonfiction book that can educate at a 7-8 year-old level. Any suggestions regarding titles or authors is greatly appreciated!


Sat, 2011-01-08 11:22

Hi! I would be happy to suggest some titles that would be great for your 7-year-old son. Smile There are lots of great books out there, many can be found in Children's nonfiction in the 612 area. Some titles that may be great for him include:

Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body J612 C

Human Body Revealed J612 D

The Bare Naked Book J611 STI

Usborne Internet-linked First Encyclopedia of the Human Body J612.003 USB

Michelle Neuwirth
CTT Librarian