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Classes with registration required and multiple children

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old, is a Canton resident, and has her own library card. My sister is a Plymouth resident with a Plymouth Library library card and watches my daughter in my Canton home during the day. She would like to sign my daughter up for story time classes (which require registration) at the library but would need to sign her 6 month old son up in order to attend the classes. How can my sister go about being eligible for signing her son up for the Canton Library classes so that she can allow my daugther to participate?


Tue, 2011-01-04 09:35

Thank you for your interest in our storytimes. If your sister is bringing your 2 1/2 year old and her 6 month old to storytime, she should attend one of the Family Storytimes. Family storytimes do not requrie registration.
If your sister would like to have her child attend a program at the Canton Public Library that does require registration, she will have to get a Plymouth District Library card for her child. She can get a Plymouth District library card at the Plymouth District Library or at the Canton Public Library. After the library card is in our system, she will be able to register her child for a program.