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I cannot figure out how the library enters authors for searches. There needs to be one standard. Two examples. 1. If I search and click on: Coben Harlan, I can see the 2011 book Live Wire and request it. If I click on: Coben Harlan 1962, the book is not listed. Same author, not found in the same search. 2. Connelly Michael, The Fifth Witness. Connelly Michael 1956, the book is not listed. Robert Parker can be searched under at least 3 different listings. One standard would help.



Thu, 2010-12-30 09:13

Thank you for your comments. After investigating the examples you gave I hope I can explain the differences in author entries satisfactorily. Both the Coben and Connelly books - Live Wire and The Fifth Witness - are Order Records. They will not have the complete information (birth dates, etc.) until the complete record is downloaded into the Catalog when it is received and processed. As for the Robert Parker example, a couple were audio versions of his titles which didn't have complete information in the record. Those have been corrected. The remaining two entries are different because Mr. Parker died recently and the death date has not yet been updated. That will be taken care of as soon as possible.