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book on hold

I'm curious to know why that an item I put on hold about 2 weeks ago(An item that was on order) I was number 3 out of 4 on a waiting list but now I'm number 17 out of 18. Just wondering how that works. Thankyou


Sat, 2010-10-30 14:43

We maintain a waiting list that may not be visible to you when you place your hold. Many patrons request an item through our "suggestions" service before it is ordered (visible in our catalog) and those holds might not have been added at the time the staff member placed the bibliographic record in our catalog as being "on order". We add the "suggestions" in order of the date the book/DVD/CD item was suggested which is why you may not have been as early as patrons who suggested the material. Thank you for asking ASKCPL!