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Children's dvd's shelves

The suggestion is to stack the children's dvd's in an up-and-down way, one on top of another for ease in reading titles. Having noticed the Country Living mags were stacked that way recently, I'm wondering if it could work for the those dvd's as well. Would be much easier to read and browse titles, as long as as many dvd's could be stored on each shelf. Perhaps they would slide and slip more easily, but thought it worth considering. Maybe some kind of sectioning device is available. Thank you.


Thu, 2010-10-21 16:37

Thank you for your suggestion for the shelving of our children's DVDs. I did take some time to compare the two methods. Our current shelving method actually allows for us to shelve more DVDs per shelf, which is an important detail for a popular collection shelved in a small space! Smile
We do strive to make our collections easily accessible for our patrons, and so do welcome those suggestions. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

Ruth Millard
Children's Tween and Teen Services Librarian