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Westland library card holders cant hold or request books?!?

this is the dumbest thing ever. i like the canton library more then my own, thats why i come here. its ridiculous that i dont have the same benefits as the cpl orange card holders. this needs to change.



Sat, 2010-10-09 16:24

Thanks for your suggestion that we allow non-Canton Public Library cardholders to place holds on our materials, klk. Given our budget cutbacks, we cannot afford to extend services intended for Canton taxpayers to non-residents. As a Westland resident, you do not pay taxes to support the Canton Public Library, and as such do not receive full CPL services.

With your card from the William P. Faust Public Library of Westland, you may check out most materials available on our shelves, but you are not able to place holds on any of our items. I appreciate your suggestion that we should change our policy, but the costs of purchasing additional copies of books, music, or DVDs to satisfy the demands of non-residents is not something we can afford. Our primary obligation is to the taxpayers of Canton. To receive full services as a non-Canton resident, you may purchase a CPL non-resident card, which costs $170 annually and is about what a Canton property owner pays in annual taxes to support the library. Purchasing a non-resident card will give you full access to all library services, including the ability to place holds.

I appreciate your compliments of our library and collections.


Eva Davis, Director