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Hi I would love to donate some old VHS movies....would you guys accept them? If not, do you know who or where would?


Thu, 2010-09-30 21:23

The Friends of the Library organization accepts donations for sale in their Second Hand Prose Used bookstore. Please visit the Friends website for details.

Thank you for thinking of us for your donations!

Eva Davis, Director

Fri, 2010-12-24 14:06


How does the Friends of the Library work with the Library. Just got a note saying that the Library operation fund has dropped 25%. It is a shocker. How can the Friends help? Does the Friends raise fund to support operation shortfall?

The Library is the crown jewel of my community; it is my pride to live in Canton. Just donated $100.00 through the library site, but would like to reactivate my Friends of the Library membership. Could you please forward membership sign-up link and automatic membership fee/donation setup?

Sun, 2010-12-26 22:02

The Friends of the Library are our strongest advocates and largest contributors! We are lucky to have them; in 2011, the Friends are donating $25,000 to library operations, which will pay for programs/events and provide support for our staff as we weather this financial recession. While the Friends are tremendously successful with the Secondhand Prose used bookstore--the proceeds of which they donate back to the library--even a Friends group as successful as our cannot make up a shortfall of more than $1.5 million.

I appreciate your donation to library operations, and I know that the Friends would love to welcome you back as a member! You may join in-person at Secondhand Prose or mail a check and your information to the Friends at the library's address, attn: Membership.

Thank you for your support of the Library and the Friends! I am glad to hear that you value the quality of life that a good library brings to a community. It is a testament to the integrity and public service commitment of my staff that you have not noticed a decline in services despite the decline in our revenues. I have a great staff in a great community supported by great Friends!

Eva Davis, Director