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Returned book at Wayne Public Library - Not showing up in Patrol Record (yet)

Hello I returned a book at Wayne Libray yesterday (8/17) evening. It is still showing up as checked out in Patrol Record. Can you tell me how long would it take for it to reflect as being returned? As this book is due today (8/18), I am worried if I will be charged late fee.


Wed, 2010-08-18 09:45

Thanks for contacting us. While you may drop off our materials at other libraries in The Library Network, they will not be checked in off your patron record until they are returned to us through interlibrary delivery. The computers are not linked, and our materials cannot be checked in at any other library. That’s the reason that you’ll still see the item on your account. Ordinarily, libraries attach slips to materials being sent through delivery that include the date the item was returned, so that when it does get checked in, the home library can decide whether or not to access late fees. Since you were not late in returning the item to the Wayne library, the fines will be removed from your record when we get the book back either some time later this week or early next week.

Thu, 2012-08-30 20:48

I too had made the mistake and returned 2 Dvd's at the Civic Center Library in Livonia. The due date was 8/17. The return date was 8/17. The items are still showing on my account with the fines. I called to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong in making the mistake (of returning to the wrong library), and was told when Canton receives the Dvd's the fines will be taken off my account. It is now 8/30 and the fines are still there, and it doesn't look like they were checked in on my account. Does it normally take this long, or did the DVD's get returned to Canton, and I'm just not seeing the check-in date?

Fri, 2012-08-31 16:36

Great question, itsajoke6! Yes, it can take several days for items dropped off at neighbor libraries to be checked in here. Delivery schedules and staffing vary with each library. Closed dates and holidays also add to the amount of time it might take for an item to be returned to its home. I hope by now the DVDs have been removed from your record and all fines cleared, but if not, please call our Checkout Desk, 734-397-0999, option #3, for further information.