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Hello. There is a log-out tab, on top of another link that says something like 'S------- Purchase', the word before purchase, is not visible, because of the log-out tab that is covered by it.


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2010-08-02 08:12

Thank you for contacting us regarding the website. In order to better diagnose the issue, could you please provide us with the following information?:

  • Your computer's operating system and version
  • The browser you are using and its version
  • Your screen resolution

If you do not know these details, visit Support Details for a close approximation.

This information will help us set up a test situation similar to your own in order to diagnose why the usually-right-aligned log out button appears in the left-hand sidebar.

Thanks again.

Beth Rhodes
Thu, 2010-09-09 19:45

I am having trouble loging in. I have a toshiba netbook with Windows. I use windows internet explorer. When I log in I get a message saying that my information is wrong. I put in my name and library card number and get the same message. I don't know if this is user error, or something is wrong. Is it possible to make a new account? Thank you for your time.