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waiting list for books

Was wondering what it meant if I was 35 of 35 holds. Does that mean I only have to wait for one more hold or 35 holds? Or if I am 7 of 8 holds does that mean Im waiting for 1 more hold or that Im just not the last one to be on hold for that book?


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2010-07-19 08:15

Thank you for contacting us with your question.

"35 of 35 holds" means that there are 35 total holds and yours is the 35th. In other words, there are 34 holds in front of you.

If you are 7th of 8 holds then you have to wait for 6 other people to enjoy a copy of that item before we notify you that a copy is available and waiting for you on the hold shelf.

Fortunately, items with the most holds tend to have multiple copies available. Also, items with holds on them cannot be renewed. So if you had a hold on a book and there were three other holds in front of you, (on the assumption that nobody returns the book late and incurs a fine) the longest you'd wait is 9 weeks. For a DVD with 6 copies and 18 holds, you'd have to wait something closer to 3 weeks to get a copy.

A quick way to estimate the length of time you'll likely wait for a copy:
Estimated Wait = (Number of holds รท Number of copies) x Loan Period

The librarians also keep an eye on which items have the most holds, and will buy additional copies when the number of holds (compared to the number of copies) is big enough to warrant it.

Thanks again for writing us. Have a great day!