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HANDWASHING on Jungle Java employee

The lady preparing my food didn't washed her hands after I watched her change the trash bags, put a new a new bag in the trash container. Also, her hands touched the lid of the trash can while throwing my receipt. She then went on to prepare my food without washing her hands. Obviously, she prepared my food with soiled hands. I think this is a poor sign of sanitation and prevention of health illness that may arise from food preparations. I thought, I would bring this matter to whom ever is concern prior to notifying the State Department. PLEASE address this issue accordingly and in a timely manner before any of the patrons get sick. Thank you.


Sheryl Rzetelny
Mon, 2010-07-12 15:14

I immediately followed up on your concern regarding the Jungle Java employee's hand washing procedures. She remembered changing the trash, but assured me that she put on gloves prior to handling your purchase. I did observe a box of gloves at her work station ready for use. She is very aware of the sanitation procedures and I am convinced followed them accordingly. Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention we can only follow up when a patron brings concerns to our attention.