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Book donations

I would like to donate paperback and hard-cover books to the library. They are in excellent condition, mainly read by only one person. Does the library accept these donations, and if so, when and where can I bring them? Thank you.


Mon, 2010-07-05 11:28

Thank you for thinking of CPL for your donations! Guidelines are available under About Us --> Donate on our website, and include:

Donated materials may be left in the brown wooden structure to the right and beyond the staff entrance at the rear of the building. If your donation is something which can be added to the library's collection, we do that first. If not, your donation goes to Secondhand Prose, our used bookstore, for fundraising purposes.

We're looking for

* Books
* DVDs
* CDs

But not

* Magazines
* Textbooks older than five years
* Encyclopedias older than eight years
* Dirty or otherwise damaged items
* Record albums
* Computer hardware

Thanks again for your donations!

Eva Davis, Director