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First of all, I love CPL (its my second home I guess)

1. Thanks a lot for the new chairs @ study cabin area. They're a great help when you're to study with a computer for many hours.

2. There are a few wonderful people here @ CPL who needs to be appreciated. And its their kindness & help that makes this library the best place in town.

-Mrs. Eileen: All the front desk people are real gems but she's an extremely nice; genuinely humble & sweet person; has helped me & many of my friends at many a times. I respect her a lot for her kindness & help.

-Mr. Bill (the security guy) is indeed a great soul. ALWAYS there to help. He & I both worry about the floor @ the library entrance thats been ripped off (a lil). The other day a girl got her shoe stuck in the gap and almost fell (could have hit her head against the hard floor) -- Please do somethin about that! Thanx.

-Mr. Bradd (@East reference desk mostly in the evening hours) Extremely kind & helpful; I have noticed that he actually cares about "silence" in the library (He speaks in a low tone himself, never talks too much on phone, always makes sure students like myself and others don't get disturbed by a few talkative souls in the area). I owe him a lot of thanks (as the kind of concentrated studying is only possible in a relatively Quiet (if not Quiet like Quiet-Room) place -- maintained/supervised by people who're Quiet themselves.

(I realized the fact only yesterday when the person @ East desk was being a bit too loud in her communication, @ about 10 o'clock thats normally a very quiet and good time to study.)

People often talk loud, esp when they book a discussion room (usually high school students) They're loud enough that even those who're sitting outside can't help but getting disturbed. Could you please do something about that too? like may be post some certain rules on each table & above all request the librarians to set a good example for everyone else around.

-Ms. Jeanine (@ copy centre - reference etc.) She taught me all the copying, printing, faxing etc. without me asking for that as she's so on-the-look-to-helping-someone; Extremely nice person.

I owe this place alot, Hope to return back someday!!

P.S. All the ones responsible for keeping this place clean. I've been to Ypsi library & others too but CPL is the cleanest place of all. All thanks to them.



Fri, 2010-06-25 10:10

Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and compliments. Everyone here at the library does our best to meet your needs despite the cuts to our budget due to the recession, and I appreciate you noticing the hard work of my staff. As the recession deepens and our budget continues to decline over the next three years, it is and will continue to be a challenge to provide all of the services we've provided in the past; we will do our best to continue providing quality library service to all in Canton.

The managers who supervise the individuals and services/functions you referred to may respond to you additionally to address your specific comments. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure to let you know how much I appreciate you taking the time to let us know what we're doing well and how we can further improve.

Eva Davis, Director