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drinking fountain

Need a drinking fountain in the children's area. My husband, Dan, is currently a laid-off plumber!


Sheryl Rzetelny
Fri, 2010-06-25 13:53

Thank you for your suggestion of a drinking fountain for our children's area. While I think it's a wonderful idea - during this time of budget tightening for the Library we just can't do that kind of project right now. However, I will put it on the list for discussion when the economy improves.

Sun, 2010-07-04 08:58

Could someone please help me understand the different STATUS messages and their meaning - I have requested several books that are on HOLD and some are from Canton Library and one is from the MelCat System...
I don't understand the messages on the online screen as to what is happening with these books and if any of them are ready for me to pick-up or not....
can someone please help me understand what this screen means so I will not have to keep e-mailing and requesting this information?
Thank you so very much.

Wed, 2010-07-07 22:28

if you put something on hold, it will say that it's on hold up until the day they email you to tell you that it's ready for pick up. OR it will show up on your account. (READY TO BE PICKED UP BY (so and so date.) If you requested materials, and it says your 1 out of 1 users on hold but it doesn't say ready to be picked up... then it just simply means that someone back in the library is working real hard to order your request and catalog it before it get to you. In terms of MelCat... i have no idea. I hope this helps :]

You can always call someone or talk to someone directly to get this sorted out for you. Sometimes talking it out face to face is a lot better than explaining things online.