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Hi, I believe there may be a problem with my notice of almost overdue books e-mails. I think they stopped in April(after looking through my mailbox)and I should have got some in May. I just received notice that I had several overdue vids and now have a fine over $20.That e-mail was sent from a different address. I realize it's my job to get them back on time but I have become dependent on the reminders. Can you help?


Fri, 2010-05-28 09:58

Thanks for contacting us. Since you're receiving the overdue billings from us, we know that we have your correct email address on file here. Our billing notices do come from a different address because we send them manually. Courtesy reminders are system generated. The problem might be with your Internet provider. Check to be sure that our notices aren't ending up in your Junk mail folder.