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lost lib card

I lost my son's library card somewhere in the house. I am sure it was not lost outside of my house. do I still need to get a new library card with a new number, or can you re-issue the same card with his old number, which I am sure is secure? Signed, a disorganized mom!


Wed, 2010-05-26 09:22

Dear Mom,
Thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately, we aren't able to re-issue the same borrowing card. With a replacement card, a new barcode is assigned. In the case of a misplaced card, we suggest that instead of replacing the card immediately, you take some more time to look for it, and meanwhile if you visit us, we can access your son's record when you present your I.D. Once you give up the search and determine the card is gone forever, we'll issue a new one.