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DVD's "on order" no longer viewable as a list --please restore

The "DVD Feature Film" items were once listed in the featured list "Browse Materials / On Order / Adult Collection." Now they are not, and there does not appear to get a list of feature films on order any other way. I've tried searching self location with a sort "newest first," I've tried the RSS feed, for example, and neither identify those items on order and not yet cataloging. However, if I guess a title that I think might be on order, it shows up in the online catalog where it did not show up in any other method.

Could you please restore this feature? I'd rather not have to keep guessing new titles that would be library-worthy in the hopes of finding it. Thank you!


Brad Czerniak
Tue, 2010-05-18 19:35

Thank you for contacting us regarding the lack of On Order DVDs in our featured lists.

We have added a list specifically for on order films and tv series and added it to the Catalog home page and Books & More page.

Unfortunately, featured lists are still not presently supported by our RSS feed generator.

Thank you again for your feedback.