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texting search record to phone

If you offer the convenience of allowing us to text our search results to our phone, it would be helpful if the text were a bit more specific. I sent my son to get me: Sherlock Holmes [videodisc]: the return of Sherlock Holmes. Volume 1 and all it sent to his phone was: DVD TV SERIES | Sherlock Holmes He therefore got me five DVD's that I had already seen, but not the correct one. There was no way to know the specific one from that ridiculous text. It was VERY, VERY DISCONCERTING to make an effort to get something and then not get the right item. What a waste of time to offer such a ridiculous service.


Brad Czerniak
Fri, 2010-05-07 01:13

Thank you for writing us regarding the "Text This!" feature.

You are correct that the message was merely "DVD TV SERIES | Sherlock Holmes". I'm sorry to hear that this caused trouble in getting you to the item you were looking for. Perhaps in the future we can improve the title that gets inserted into the feature's 'message' field by default.

It's not readily-apparent, but the message field for the text is editable. If you haven't been turned away from using the feature in the future, you can edit the message field to ensure the necessary level of detail prior to sending the text message.

Thank you again for your suggestion, and sorry for the trouble. Have a great day.