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Loud kids

Can you please enforce the library "quiet zones"? There's an increase of kids here, and they seem to think it's okay to congregate and be loud and obnoxious while some of us are studying and working. Thanks!


Anne Heidemann
Wed, 2010-04-28 08:20

Thank you for letting us know about your frustration, and I am sorry that your recent visit was unsatisfactory. As you know, we are a very busy library with lots of activity and while we do try to keep up with everything, we may occasionally miss an opportunity to reinforce our expectations for appropriate behavior. If you have this experience again, please approach a library staff member and let them know.

Libraries generally have changed over the last 50 years; where once the library was silent and conversation was allowed in a designated area, changes in society and education--particularly the increase in group assignments and collaborative projects--have led libraries, Canton included, to flip that arrangement. Generally speaking, we allow conversations in the library as long as they do not disrupt others and do not take place in a Quiet Zone area.

Our Quiet Study Room, which has individual study carrels and a door to separate the quiet from the general noise of the building, is probably the best option. Please ask any of us and we will show you where the Quiet Study room is located.