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The Beauty of the Tongue - Learning a 2nd Language

Hello, I would love for my kids and I to learn Manadarin. Is it possible that Canton could consider offering some type of secondary language clases? I would think that with Canton's rich diversity, they could find a volunteer tutor. Or A registration fee would cover the cost of the instructor. I am very interested and think that the addition of such a program would be beneficial for both the library and the patrons. Another idea would be to add a "classified" link to the library's website. Any post would first have to be approved by the library. This way someone like myself could post the following: Mandarin instructor wanted for family to learn 2nd language. Please email me if interested. I think the Canton library is already awesome and a great place to visit, but this would make it even more popular for perhaps. Please kindly take my suggestions into consideration. I look forward to your repsonse. Adrienne


Wed, 2010-04-21 14:47

Thank you for your program suggestion. We are currently researching the possibility of offering International Language Programs. To benefit our patrons, the library is currently investigating ways other libraries host these type of programs. Due to budget constraints, the library cannot hire as many performers/instructors. To allow access to all individuals, the library does not want to charge for programs. As you mentioned in your email, because of our rich diversity, Canton may be fortunate enough to use volunteers to host these programs. On behalf of the library, I thank you once again for your suggestion.