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Very much dislike

I very much dislike the Cantonwiki idea. It is not correct that all the business in were moved to this wiki because my business and other listings I had are not there. I don't know how to contribute to this wiki, it's too complicated. There are many online applications way more friendly than this where any user can log in and add stuff through their account and remove as they wish. I have been one hour trying to figure out how to add my business and I leave the site full of frustration and lack of information about Canton. Can't you find a better application to use?


Brad Czerniak
Fri, 2010-04-16 09:57

Thank you for your feedback regarding the transfer of Everything Canton to CantonWiki. I'm sorry to hear that your experience on the CantonWiki site was unpleasant.

The CantonWiki team is working on making the site easier to use. In the near future the site will include simple templates for creating business pages and other content. They will also be tweaking the home page to make good information easier to find. These sort of features take time to implement - and since CantonWiki is volunteer-driven, time is at a premium.

Others have also commented on the difficulty they've had using CantonWiki. I want to assure you that we're listening, and taking the feedback we receive to heart. Web design is an iterative process - the CantonWiki team (in conjuction with Canton Public Library) will not stop tweaking the site until it's just right.

Thank you again for writing us. If you would like assistance in getting your business listed, take a look at the Starting a new page page, reply to this comment, or find me on the wiki at my User talk page.