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Copy Center

The Copy Center Area is great for customers. The staff are helpful and wonderful. It makes life easier and the Canton Library special (envy of others). Please do not get rid of it. Keep the same, as it is now.


Wed, 2010-04-14 13:50

Thank you for your compliments of the library and our great staff. Our plans to install an automated checkin and sorting system in the Copy Center area will not result in layoffs, so you will continue to see Copy Center staff working in other parts of the library.

This is a tough decision for us to make. Our record checkouts, coupled with our budget cuts due to the recession, have forced us to make hard choices in the services that we provide to the public. It is no longer viable for us to provide personalized, intensive, one-on-one computer assistance on demand--although we will continue to offer computer classes, computer materials for checkout, and our Book a Librarian service for Canton cardholders. The complete Microsoft Office Professional suite is now available on computers throughout the library, not just in the Copy Center, and we will continue to offer copying, printing, and some other services you are used to.

I realize that this is a change, particularly for regular Copy Center users like yourself. I wish that the economic climate were different. Lending materials to our community residents is a core library service. The sheer volume of materials being checked in and out of the library--2 million items in 2009--and our inability to hire more staff due to budget constraints led to our decision to install an automated checkin and sorting system. This new system will immediately checkin items as they are returned, and pre-sort those items to allow for faster processing and shelving by our staff.

Work on the new automated checkin and sorting system will begin in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed along the way about self-service faxing, the new location of copier/printers, and how the construction is progressing.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me and for your compliments of my staff. We all appreciate your use of the library and hope that we will continue to serve you despite the end of the Copy Center.

Eva Davis, Director