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Video Games Removed from Shelves

I noticed that some of the video games had been removed from the children's section and are now located behind the check-out desk. I'm assuming they were moved because of issues with damage or theft? When I asked one of the librarians about the change, they said that the games would be located behind the circulation desk for the foreseeable future. I can understand the need to keep those games safe, but it is very difficult for children to view and select video games when you have to wait your turn in the checkout line to ask for the vidoe game cart and then attempt to view the games on the cart from across the checkout desk (especially if the child in question isn't tall enough to see over the desk). And small children aren't able to easily browse the games using the online catalog. If you don't already have a solution planned, I have a suggestion that might save time/effort/frustration for both your staff and your patrons. The library I used to work at allowed patrons to check out CDs and videos. We kept the actual media behind the desk in a locked cabinet and patrons could bring up a card (with a color copy of the album/movie cover on it) up to the desk to "check out." It allowed patrons to easily browse through the available selections, while keeping the actual CDs/videos safe.


Anne Heidemann
Wed, 2010-03-24 08:48

Thank you for this suggestion!

We do actually plan to restore the videogames to their original location on the shelves. I am sorry that you were provided incorrect information about this.

Unfortunately at the moment we are indeed having a problem with security, and we are working to fix that problem as soon as possible. We hope that we will have it solved within the next month and that the games will then be back to the shelves where everyone can browse easily. Thank you for your patience, and again, my apologies.