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Getting an orange card

I think you should start a program (with a MINIMAL fee) for others to obtain an orange card. We are from another district but enjoy using your materials.


Wed, 2010-03-17 09:31

An orange CPL card represents support of our library by payment of property taxes in Canton Township, which is approximately $170 per household. Non-residents are eligible to partake of the benefits of an orange card by paying $170 per household, the same amount Canton residents pay. That is probably not the minimal fee you are suggesting, I realize. We offer reciprocity to residents of other communities in southeast Michigan that are members of The Library Network cooperative; however, those residents use their own library's card. Hope I have adequately explained the realities of library funding -- we're certainly glad you enjoy our materials though!

Wed, 2010-03-17 15:18

Name is mis-spelled on on orange card, it's could be Barbera not Barbara.