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Canton Center Road

I recently suggested a traffic light at Heritage Park and Canton Center. What I meant was a light at Canton Center and Civic Center Blvd.


Tue, 2010-03-16 14:48

Thank you for following up on this. I am sorry I misunderstood your initial question.

I am not aware of the Wayne County Road Commission's plans regarding traffic signals along Canton Center Road when they begin the widening to five lanes between Cherry Hill and Palmer. I have been invited, as an organization that will be affected by the road work, to an informational meeting later this month, and will report back on what I learn from that meeting. If it isn't covered, I'll make sure to ask about traffic signals.

Eva Davis, Director

Fri, 2010-03-19 18:05

Update: There are no plans to install a traffic signal at Canton Center and Civic Center. The close proximity of the signals at Heritage Park and Summit Parkway do not warrant another traffic signal between them.