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Unable to assign Star-rating when items are sorted on Due-date

This is just a minor annoyance, but one I keep tripping over. I often view the items I have checked-out (from my account), and sort them based on due-date order. However, if I then try to assign a star-rating with this sort-order in effect, the next screen that is displayed shows NO items (empty list). When I refresh the display (say by clicking 'Sort by Check-out'), the items are then displayed again, but my star-rating is lost. This is clearly a bug. However, I personally think that the default sort-order should be on Due-date, since this is probably much more important to patrons (to avoid late-fees), than when the items were originally checked-out (especially if some items are renewed). I'd greatly appreciate if the bug is fixed... and the default sort-order is changed. Many thanks.


Brad Czerniak
Mon, 2010-03-15 09:01

Thank you for contacting us with this catalog patron account issue. We have received other reports of trouble with the sort order of items in the catalog, so you're not alone. Your particular issue has been added to our bug tracking system, and updates will be posted here.

In testing, I was unable to replicate the blank screen you experienced when star rating checked-out items. However, clicking on the "Sort by Checkout" button will undoubtedly change the sort order of the items. What happens if you right-click and select Refresh (or reload, depending on the browser you're using) instead?

Thank you for your suggestion regarding changing the default sort order; I will pass it to the relevant parties.

Thank you for writing. Have a great day.