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Robert B Parker "Brimstone"

On line shows 3 copies available. I have make 2 trips to get this book and there is no copies available. Could you check this out and see if the computer took a vacation? FYI we are very pleased with the our library. THank you.


Fri, 2010-03-12 18:18

Thanks for expressing your pleasure with your Canton Public Library, we appreciate our great patrons too! Sorry that you were unable to locate a copy of Brimstone by Robert B. Parker during your two recent visits to the library. I just checked and all 3 available copies are in. Unlike most of Parker's books which are Mysteries and shelved in the Mystery section "Brimstone" is a Western and shelved with the Westerns, which may be why you were unable to locate them when you checked earlier. Sorry for any inconvenience and as always if you are unable to find something when you are in the library please stop at the Reference desk where our librarians are eager to assist you!