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Unable to assign Star-rating when items are sorted on Due-date

This is just a minor annoyance, but one I keep tripping over. I often view the items I have checked-out (from my account), and sort them based on due-date order. However, if I then try to assign a star-rating with this sort-order in effect, the next screen that is displayed shows NO items (empty list). When I refresh the display (say by clicking 'Sort by Check-out'), the items are then displayed again, but my star-rating is lost. This is clearly a bug. However, I personally think that the default sort-order should be on Due-date, since this is probably much more important to patrons (to avoid late-fees), than when the items were originally checked-out (especially if some items are renewed). I'd greatly appreciate if the bug is fixed... and the default sort-order is changed. Many thanks.

New DVDs

I've checked the feature films and there hasn't been any recent new items listed. I have my computer set for the latest additions. Sooo has nothing been added to dvd collection??

why isn't the books & more section of the website working.

books & more section of the webpage didn't work since last week. whats going on. doesn't work today either. it only loads a few on each page, not all?

Signing into my patron record

On the My Account page ( - why do I have to go click on a separate link to see my patron record? It's a bit annoying and it seems that there's plenty of room for a login & password right under the login to my account box.

The password requirement on the user account login is really excessive

I really don't think its necessary to require passwords to have both a lower case, upper case, punctuation and a number. This is really excessive. These requirements exceed the requirements for every secure site I have ever used: four brokerages, five insurance companies, sieight forture 500 companies I do consulting for, three retirement accounts and a dozen credit cards, etc etc. I have a sixteen character password which is plenty secure by any reasonable measure but it doesn't cut the muster for the Canton Public Library?

This password excess can actually promote insecurity because ittends to cause people to write it down becuase it doesn't match any other password they use. For me its a really pain because I have to get my password reset every single time I want to log in. Hopefully your IT director will consider changing this to a little more rational scheme.

Description 'bubbles' for DVD's

I think it would be so much easier to review current and new DVD's if you had them set up like Netflex. At Netflex you simply hold the cursor over the DVD's title that you're interested in and a 'bubble' pops up with a small overview of the film. It's very handy and it's so much easier then going back and forth to read about a particular film. Thank you.

Library Card Number

When requesting material, the form asks for my library card number. I wasn't sure if this was optional (although in hindsight I don't think it had a red * next to it). In general I'm hesitant to disclose any "personal" information (yes, I know...this barely qualifies...but its a question of principle) using only an HTTP connection. You might consider using HTTPS at least for handling POSTS.