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notifications for new DVD's

Is it possible to get notifications of new DVD's ordered or received by CPL? I'm using the RSS for the "dvd f" feed and I didn't see "Burn Notice" in this feed, but I see it is at the library. The "dvd tv series" feed seems to no longer be updated, although the link for the feed still appears on your web page. Thanks.

Suggestion: add 'Books only' as a search filter

In many cases, I'd like to limit my search results to just books, rather than have Audio or other media forms mixed into the list. Just a thought.

Canton Library home page link to catalog search page

I'm only an occasional user of the Library website and then usually only of the catalog search page. I can't remember how I get there each time, so I usually start by entering an author or title in the home page search field then clicking the magnifying glass icon, which takes me to the actual search page. Then after the first search, I don't know how to get back to the search page, because I look at the links menu on the left side and no link is for the catalog. It is only after a period of several minutes scanning all the links on the entire page that I discover that the "Catalog" link at the left in the bold line at the top of the page takes me there. Possibly many people catch that right away, but it would help me greatly if the menu on the left side of the page would also list the catalog. Hope this feedback is helpful to you.

Rating material, books, audiobooks etc.

Hello, I noticed when I renewed some items online that there was a portion of each listing with some stars that would indicate a rating of some type. I would assume but perhaps incorrectly that the rating portion would be ratings from material users. None of the stars in any of the audiobooks I was renwing had highlighted stars. I humorously
thought my choices might be so bad that they merited no rating at all but seriously thought that perhaps people did not rate the materials very often. My questions are this: are the ratings indeed user ratings and if so how does one go about submitting a rating? I can think of some materials that I would rate poorly and some that I would highly recommend. I looked around the website so I wouldn't bother you but found no leads on submitting ratings comments. Thank you for considering my questions. I'll watch for your answers.


Hi I'm logged on to the library website, I put in my user ID and password and I don't know what I need to do to find what I have checked out, where to renew, and what I have signed up for (what classes that is)

Please help
Thank you

Password Change

Please provide functionality to enable users to change their password online.

I need a "MANUAL" to use this site . . .

Is there somewhere on this site where I can go to find out what all the different categories, sub-categories, buttons (such as EDIT, TRACK, ITEM HISTORY, MY RATINGS, PERSONAL INFO, ETC.) what they all mean and/or what they are used for??

Log-In Page

Hello. There is a log-out tab, on top of another link that says something like 'S------- Purchase', the word before purchase, is not visible, because of the log-out tab that is covered by it.


Is there any way that you can change the website so that to log in you only have to put in a password rather than the 14 digit library card code. I can remember a password but theres no way I can remember my library code.

waiting list for books

Was wondering what it meant if I was 35 of 35 holds. Does that mean I only have to wait for one more hold or 35 holds? Or if I am 7 of 8 holds does that mean Im waiting for 1 more hold or that Im just not the last one to be on hold for that book?

application for short story contest

Where is the exact location of the entry form for the teen short story writing contest?

DVD's "on order" no longer viewable as a list --please restore

The "DVD Feature Film" items were once listed in the featured list "Browse Materials / On Order / Adult Collection." Now they are not, and there does not appear to get a list of feature films on order any other way. I've tried searching self location with a sort "newest first," I've tried the RSS feed, for example, and neither identify those items on order and not yet cataloging. However, if I guess a title that I think might be on order, it shows up in the online catalog where it did not show up in any other method.

Could you please restore this feature? I'd rather not have to keep guessing new titles that would be library-worthy in the hopes of finding it. Thank you!

New DVD's on Order

I used to be able to view a list of DVD's on order by going to Books & More then selecting Adult Collection under New Material. This would produce a list of ordered material sorted by category with feature film DVD's appearing first. This no longer works and I am unable to find feature film DVD's anywhere under New Material. Is there a way to obtain a list of DVD's ordered by the library? Thank you.

texting search record to phone

If you offer the convenience of allowing us to text our search results to our phone, it would be helpful if the text were a bit more specific. I sent my son to get me: Sherlock Holmes [videodisc]: the return of Sherlock Holmes. Volume 1 and all it sent to his phone was: DVD TV SERIES | Sherlock Holmes He therefore got me five DVD's that I had already seen, but not the correct one. There was no way to know the specific one from that ridiculous text. It was VERY, VERY DISCONCERTING to make an effort to get something and then not get the right item. What a waste of time to offer such a ridiculous service.

Lucky Day searching

Please add a "Lucky Day" book/DVD search I can do at home that shows the titles only 1 time. Thanks.

Unable to read everything on the right frame of this website

The new revised canton library website makes it difficult to read the entire contents of the right frame since the contents scrolls off the screen and no toolbars are provided for us to scroll to view the entire contents.

RSS feeds for new feature film DVD orders

Any chance you can make an RSS feed for whenever the library orders new feature film DVD's? This would allow quick/easy monitoring and ability to place holds before the waiting list gets too long.

Very much dislike

I very much dislike the Cantonwiki idea. It is not correct that all the business in were moved to this wiki because my business and other listings I had are not there. I don't know how to contribute to this wiki, it's too complicated. There are many online applications way more friendly than this where any user can log in and add stuff through their account and remove as they wish. I have been one hour trying to figure out how to add my business and I leave the site full of frustration and lack of information about Canton. Can't you find a better application to use?

This Website

This website does not match the quality of the Canton Public Library (nor the taxes that Canton residents pay for services). The site is clunky, unintuitive and difficult to navigate. It would be money well spent to hire a better web site development company to build a new site from the ground up.

can't get into books and more again

again, i cannot get the books & more - new arrived material to load. the first 1-50 doesn't at all, the second 51-100 only loads Its complicated dvd, third page loads fine. what's up why does this happen quite often.