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Valueline redirect never work

Valueline from never works these days. Any one took care of the problem.

(LP: 2014-07-14)

New Arrivals on DVDs

Dear Library:

Is there a possibility of adding a "new arrivals" tab under media material to let patrons know which new DVDs (films), CDs, books on CD and other material are reaching the library? It could be once a week, once every two weeks or even once a month, because I'm sure it would be very helpful to patrons. Thanks for reading.


Is there a history of items that I have checked out on my account that I can look at on your website? If so, how do I find it? Thank you!!

Cannot Request Materials Using the Online Catalog

I am unable to request materials from the online catalogue. When I enter my name and library card number on the website and hit submit, instead of indicating that the request has been processed, the site takes me to my patron record, showing what is checked out, requested, etc.  

Poems/Fingerplays page

Hi! I love your poems and fingerplays page. If you put an image on it, it could be pinned on Pinterest. Just an idea... I know I would add it to my board! Thanks, Laura

Extending the borrowing time


I am trying to renew my checked out time since 3 days. Your website does not allow me to do it. I am out of country for 15 days, I get an email today saying that I unpaid fines will be sent to collection.

Please let me renew my checked out item and let me pay any fines.

I cannot access my patron record since 3 days of frantic trying. I am unable to call the library due to time difference .


Add search for (and RSS feed of) blu-ray disks

Because there's only a category for DVDs, I'd like to see a new category for blu-ray discs, so I can either look for or be notified (through RSS) when the library gets new high-resolution media.

Applying for card

I just applied for a library card and after I hit submit, the apply page came up again with no acknowledgement of my application. I am not sure if there was a computer glitch or the information has been sent. I have not received anything to my email either. I just don't want to resubmit and have multiple applications at your end if there doesn't need to be. Please let me know the status. Thanks!

Canton Observer

I am a family researcher in Ontario, Canada. I found your "Canton Observer" database and have found some names I am researching. When I click on the abstract, the PDF file does not load. Any suggestions?

Support Listings Should Be Searchable

Please consider adding search functionality to your support listings on the "Contact Us" page. Conscientious users will try to review before posting, but with some 400 postings across 14 pages, it's hard to tell if a given question has been asked and answered. Hopefully this will help you as well, by reducing the number of redundant questions.

New books - Fiction

Every week I check the New books - Non-fiction. The Fiction books take so very long to load as there are 10000 titles - that I run out of time and patience waiting for them. Can this information be adjusted to include just the new fiction titles for the week like the non-fiction? It would be so helpful. Also, I would suggest the same for the Movies.I don't really need to know what was ordered 10000 items ago. Thank you.

I love the Canton Public Library website!!!

The Canton Public Library website is amazing because there are so many things you can do! You can look up the books/movies you want and put them on hold, read about new events going on, do the online summer reading program (Connect Your Summer) and much more! I really love the Connect Your Summer program because it's very exciting and it's a great opportunity for people of all ages to get out and do more things. Thanks and keep up the good work!
-Reading Queen Smile

New Arrivals List - Fiction

I really like being able to check out the new arrivals on the website. However, since I usually go to the main Fiction link (since I am usually not looking for a specific genre, just browing), the default number of results appears to be set (limited to) 10,000 records. This makes for a very (VERY!) slow database query and it takes a very long time for the results to be returned, making this section difficult to use. It would be great if the default number of results could be limited to a smaller number (500? 1,000?) to speed everything up. I don't know how the database is set up, but it might also be worth looking into the actual query to see if there is a more efficient way to pull those results. Thanks for everything you do -- we love CPL!


Why can't we go on iTunes?

Erroneous book summary — parenting book not a bible study book

Author: Cline, Foster
Title: Parenting teens with love and logic : preparing adolescents for responsible adulthood Summary: This Bible study for men tackles disappointment and unease by exploring useful spiritual principles from savvy articles, pop culture, literature, and especially God's Word.

Add 'ebook' as a material type

I have submitted suggestions to purchase a few ebooks and, when doing so, used 'other' as the material type because there is no option for a book-type of 'ebook'. I suggest that you add 'ebook' as a material type in your drop-down list of types to choose from when suggesting materials.

Logging in to patron account

I am annoyed that I have to go through a named account login page before I can get to a library-card-number (patron) login. How about a patron login link on your site's home page?

Unable to submit suggestion for purchase

I have been attempting to submit a suggestion for purchase of: SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN DVD. The website sends me to a link to subscribe to the newsletter, which I did; but it will not allow me to go back to submitting the request--Any suggestions on how I can get out of this loop. I have tried numerous times. Thanks for your assistance.

"Ugly" background (Letter "C" and cross-bones)

I'm seeing an ugly background and can't believe that this is an intentional "improvement"... so wonder if the website has been hacked. The background I see is now light-gray, with a large white "C" overlaying 2 bones in a cross. If it was an intentional change, then consider this email as negative feedback. I much prefer the simple white background.

new background colors on CPL website

You sure want to make it hard for me. Every Monday I review the new books in the CPL collection. I see this 'crazy C' - then I see grey background and blue print. It really makes it hard to read as the crazy 'C' distracts and really doesn't make sense (yeh, I know it is supposed to mean Canton) but with all the extra dog bones, it makes it hard to read what I wish to read. Blue print on a grey-blue background does not cut it. Please consider (soon) going back to what can be read - like what you are reading from me - black on white. Thank you.